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 Policies and Procedures

Policy Docs & Board Meeting Minutes

To view more detailed Policy & Procedure documents and for copies of Board Meeting Minutes, ask administration for the password to the Policy & Minutes Folder.


Fire drills are conducted once a month and are documented in a log book. The children are always accompanied by an adult.

Teacher-child ratios set out in the Child Care Early Years Act are adhered to at all times.


Allergies or "no thank yous" are posted in the kitchen and in the program rooms for easy referral at meal & snack times.

Medication, Illness & Disease

Prescription drugs will be administered only if they are in the prescription bottle with the child’s name on it. Parents are required to sign a consent form.

Non-prescription drugs will not be administered without written instructions from a physician.

Parents will be required to pick up their child if the child becomes sick during the day.

Children with a contagious disease must not attend the centre.

Daily Attendance

Parents must sign in and out daily. The Centre must be notified of absences. Children will only be released to authorized individuals. Children must be picked up on time or late charges will apply.


Should an accident involving a child occur, the staff will administer first-aid as required. An accident report will be filed. Parents will be notified and asked to confirm by signing the accident report at the time of pick-up. Parents will be given a copy of the accident report. Should a serious injury occur parents will be notified immediately.

A comprehensive policy binder is kept in our front office.


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